Quick Guide for setting up environment to program Face Detection and Face Editing Techniques in Python.

In this blog we will see how to setup the environment to write programs that does Face Recognition,Face Detection and Face Makeup,Age and Gender Recognition. We will be using the python library for Face recognition available at https://pypi.org/project/face-recognition/ for this ,we will learn the installation and uses of Tensorflow and Keras Deep learning Libraries in Linux Operating System.

Environment setup

First we need to get the Anaconda installed ,it contains conda ,Anaconda Navigator, Python,and many scientific packages for Machine Learning. Anaconda Navigator is a GUI that…

Web Scraping is one of the Data Scraping technique in which data is extracted from the websites for analysis.In this project we will learn the how to analyze the product in an online shop like flipkart, for example we will analyze various brands of Mobile Tablets sold in the flipkart web site and suggest the medium range product in price range.

Using the web scraping techniques we will be able to get the details prices,specifications, reviews,highlights and ratings for any product in the website.

We will be using the python modules urlopen(from urllib library) and BeautifulSoup(from bs4 library).

import bs4…

In Object Oriented programming approach the concept of polymorphism is about having a class objects in many forms. Polymorphism is of two types one is static polymorphism and the other is dynamic polymorphism.

Python do not have compile time polymorphism directly, that is because python programs do not use compilation specific to the machine in which they run ,instead the python programs are compiled to be run on a python virtual machine, and hence compilation is not specific to the machine, which makes python portable across platforms,more easier to learn and machine independent ,the picture below gives an overview of…

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